Finance Industry Resume

The final resume profiled the client as an expert in management accounting and finance with the ability to build and enhance internal and external stakeholder relationships.

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Key Selection Criteria for APS 5 Tax Officer

Already working in the Australian Taxation Office in a contract position, this client was eager to secure a permanent position. The client’s qualifications included a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Applied Finance. She was also enrolled with the Institute of Chartered Accountants, due to complete within months. Prior to joining the Australian Public Service, the client had worked as an accountant with two accounting firms.

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Key Selection Criteria for APS 6 Tax Officer

Looking to move from the private sector to the Australian Public Service, this client sought a key selection criteria statement for a position as Tax Officer. With previous experience in related fields, the client had also run her own bookkeeping consultancy for over ten years.

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Experienced Assistant Accountant Resume

In this case, the client was well qualified and suited to the role they were wanting to apply for, but they were unsure how to encompass and express their attributes, suitability and professional development within only a two-page resume. To help get to know the client better, I first talked about her goals, where she would like to see her self and why she had a passion for accounting.

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Experienced Senior Systems Accountant Key Selection Criteria

A qualified and skilled Systems Support Officer and Technician addressing criteria for a Senior Systems Accountant role. To apply for this position the client was required to provide a maximum of two pages outlining her suitability for the role backed by practical experiences and relevant credentials.

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Professional Accountant Resume

The client has graduated as an Accountant and been working several part-time positions. She is eager to continue studying to become a Business Advisor for overseas clients. There has not been a specific role advertised as yet. However, she wanted to be a step ahead and have her Professional Resume completed for when the right job came up.

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