Resume and Cover letter for a Finance Business Partner

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The client was an experienced CPA with significant financial experience within the healthcare sector seeking further challenges as a Finance Business Partner. Currently working as a senior account with the previous role being similar, the client was well suited for the role and the focus of the consultation was determining  key achievements and what particular skills to highlight. As the role was a very senior role reporting to the CFO of the organisation on financial strategy, risk mitigation and real time monitoring of organisational financial flows; it was a priority to ensure that these skills and attributes were stated throughout the resume and cover letter.

The client had a current resume but upon consultation, it was decided that it required considerable condensing as well as editing to increase consistency throughout the document. As the targeted role was known, the cover letter was tailored to suit the advertised position mentioning all specific competencies and the resume was written in a similar fashion to ensure that all required skills and attributes were present.

The writing strategy centered on emphasising demonstrated core financial and strategic capabilities with a focus on key achievements in her current and previous roles. As the client intends to remain within the industry at senior level, it will be an easy task to modify to suit other roles within the Accounting sector.

Written by Mark R.