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Case Study – Professional Accountant Resume by Dorinnia

The client has graduated as an Accountant and been working several part-time positions. She is eager to continue studying to become a Business Advisor for overseas clients. There has not been a specific role advertised as yet. However, she wanted to be a step ahead and have her Professional Accountant Resume completed for when the right job came up.

To put together this application, I engaged the client in a discussion about her transferable skills and experience and was able to advise her regarding information that should be included and how it should be presented in order to show how her previous work had been appreciated by employees. Some specifics that we agreed would set her aside from others applying included her fluency in Vietnamese and her very strong customer service skills, as well as the fact that once she had completed an Internship, she had been invited back to work in the business on a part-time basis.

Having thoroughly researched specific job examples before speaking with the client, I was aware of the keywords that employees would be looking for, the type of transferable skills and more specific details such as names of software packages the client should be experienced in using alongside other important aspects of the job that needed to be included.

As a result, during the consultation, I was able to prompt the client and ascertain precisely the experience she had, and to advise her to include specifics that I knew employees would be impressed with and which she had not thought to add herself. I am sure this client’s enthusiasm and knowledge will be apparent during an interview, and I am confident that we will have significantly increased her chances of being called for an interview when she applies for a job in the future.

Written by Dorinnia