Land and Civil Services Coordinator Case Study by Mel J.


The brief for this position was to produce a new resume and cover letter to suit the position of a Land & Civil Services Coordinator with a key energy company. The client had several years of experience within the organisation in a trade role, and was seeking to step into a new direction.

The client met many of the role requirements in terms of his industry knowledge and technical skills. There were several other key requirements in terms of project management experience, contracts activities and people management; and although the client was not currently utilising these skills in his current tradesman role, he managed several businesses outside of work. I was able to draw from his experiences as a business owner to show how he met these requirements, and how these skills were transferrable.

There were several key points mentioned in the job advert and position description that I included in the resume and cover letter, demonstrating his knowledge of and commitment to safety, quality, continuous improvement and organisational values.

Although the client is not currently in a coordinating role, it is likely that his diverse skill set, experiences and business acumen will enable him to quickly adapt, particularly given his knowledge of the organisation, it’s services, values and aims.


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