How to Negotiate a Pay Rise

Negotiating a pay rise is primarily about your value. Get an idea of what you should be asking for by speaking to people doing similar roles to you within your company, in the same sector and in similar organisations. Most people are familiar with the advice to start with a high number, but new research suggests that a precise number makes a more powerful statement in negotiations.

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How to Apply for a Role You Are Overqualified to Do

There are many good reasons why you wish to apply for a role that you are overqualified to do. You could be switching industries and sensibly realise that you need to start a level that does not accurately reflect your true abilities. You may be reaching an age at which you want to shift down a gear and take a job that is less taxing and has less overall responsibility than you have been used to.

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Resume Font

Does Your Resume Display the Font of All Wisdom?

2019, Resume Design

Very few people take great notice or care about typefaces and fonts. Even more so on resumes where we here at Select resumes have seen some real car crashes of Comic Sans, Arial and Courier Bold – all in one document! But the font one chooses – especially in a resume – is of vital importance. And a look at the history of the font is a good introduction as to why.

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