How to Make a Good Impression in Your New Job

2019, Workplace Culture

It’s a New Day and New Job

The first few days at your new job can make a big difference for your workplace reputation down the line. Before you start spending your first pay cheque in your head, give some serious though on how to make a good impression.

So, the anticipation of starting your new job is over. Your interview did the trick, you aced the interview, you’ve met with your new boss and are settled in to your new workstation – but you feel like a fish out of water. Even worse, you’re concerned that not knowing exactly what you’re doing, or who to trust, could be making a bad impression on your new colleagues. After all, shouldn’t you have hit the ground running?

Orientate Yourself

You don’t want to be ‘that person’ who is asking all the time, “Where’s the stationery cupboard”, “Where’s the bathroom”, “What time do we take a lunch break”. Find out all these things quickly and discreetly and act like you been there for months. And know where your boss’ office is! 

How do you make a good impression in your new job?

Go and Press Some Palms

The quickest way to make a good impression in your department or floor is to introduce yourself to your co-workers.  Don’t worry about forgetting names. Down the line, you can always say you met so many new people the first day that you’re still sorting them out, but you appreciate your co-worker’s patience as you learn so many new things. Remember to smile when you speak to someone. A pleasant manner is always welcome and makes you appear cooperative and receptive to others.

Be Confident – But Don’t Overdo It

You want to show your new boss that you’re eager to learn, and that means putting up your hand to take on tasks like there’s no tomorrow. But don’t be so eager that you take on projects and duties you’re not equipped to do, or that you won’t be able to complete on time. Only commit to what you know you can comfortably deliver!

Network, Network, Network 

Not every workplace will be highly social, but often colleagues go out for lunch, after-work drinks, or to celebrate events like birthdays. Try and get into going to some of these early on, even if it’s not your type of thing. They can be excellent ways to make a good impression. They are valuable opportunities to network with your immediate colleagues and superiors, and also helps them get to know you better. It not only makes work more inclusive and engaging when you’ve got office friends, but importantly it shows you’re making an effort to become part of the team. Employers want to work with people they like and feel a connection with, so if you want to get on the boss’ radar quickly and positively, it’s a good idea to put in some quality facetime and find out what you have in common.

Take initiative and make a good impression

Don’t Get Caught Up in Office Politics

As much as you want to find out everything about everyone as quickly as possible, refrain from getting involved in office gossip. Don’t ask who to avoid or inquire about anyone’s marital (or extramarital) affairs. Get to know your co-workers of course, but keep the conversations based on work and small talk, especially when you’re new. Don’t get drawn into office intrigue or else you will find yourself having to take sides between people you haven’t even gotten to know yet and this could have disastrous results. 

Step Up and Show Initiative

One way to make a good impression is quickly demonstrate your creativity and resourcefulness within the remit of your new role.   Show some savvy initiative and what a conscientious worker you are. You can tell your boss that you have completed your assignments and ask if there is more work that needs to be done. You can also volunteer to do extra assignments when extra jobs pop up. But remember the tip above – don’t over extend or your efforts will quickly become counterproductive. 


A new job, whether dealing with the public or working in an office requires that you learn your way around a new work environment while maintaining a pleasant relationship with your co-workers. You can easily make a good impression if you follow these simple guidelines, but remember, don’t overdo it. If you try too hard this will be obvious and you could end up making entirely the wrong impression. Just be yourself, put your right foot forward and remember your hirer saw qualities in you that you already have, not ones you think they want to see. 

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