Senior Environmental Advisor (Mining) Cover Letter, Resume and LinkedIn Profile

With specialist knowledge of how mine approvals work, which includes expansion work and ensuring mine sites are legislatively compliant with environmental policies, and also closure work which ensures that mine sites that are shutting down are done so with particular care to rehabilitate the land to its original state – the client has reached a senior position where his knowledge and experience is much in demand.

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Australian Border Force – Senior Border Force Officer – Trainer

A one page pitch for an experienced Border Force Officer moving into a more senior position. Through the first successful application I had written for her, the client had secured an interview. However, due to the lengthy recruitment process for the role, she had decided that she wanted to apply for this position as well, while she waited to hear if she had been successful.

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Experienced Senior Systems Accountant Key Selection Criteria

A qualified and skilled Systems Support Officer and Technician addressing criteria for a Senior Systems Accountant role. To apply for this position the client was required to provide a maximum of two pages outlining her suitability for the role backed by practical experiences and relevant credentials.

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