Senior Environmental Advisor (Mining) Cover Letter, Resume and LinkedIn Profile

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This client had worked for the past several years as an Environmental Advisor, predominantly in the mining sector but also in construction and advisory roles within the government.

With specialist knowledge of how mine approvals work, which includes expansion work and ensuring mine sites are legislatively compliant with environmental policies, and also closure work which ensures that mine sites that are shutting down are done so with particular care to rehabilitate the land to its original state – the client has reached a senior position where his knowledge and experience is much in demand.

His current resume was information-heavy but lacked dynamism and did not, in my opinion, accurately reflect the passion and commitment he evidently has for his profession. Intending to continue in a senior role, I provided a cover letter and resume that more truthfully revealed the enthusiasm and talent the client had for this vital job function.

His resume and cover letter strongly supported the following qualities:

  • His obvious interest in environmental science and how the work he does has a positive impact on conservation
  • His strong ability to author environmental management plans

I researched his field thoroughly as there was much industry-specific terminology and legislature to understand in order to accurately reflect the breadth of his knowledge and experience.

For his LinkedIn profile, I distilled and personalised further the information I had prepared for this resume and added considerably to his skills list.

Written by Steve S.