Education Program Manager

The brief for this job was to write an executive resume and three-page cover letter addressing the selection criteria for an Education Program Manager. This client was a dedicated teacher who felt she had more to give to the education sector as a whole and wanted to branch out and help all teachers.

Having thoroughly researched the role she was applying for, and by reading all documentation she sent before our consultation, I had an overview of what she required. However, it was during our chat that I was able to ask searching questions which gave me more information and a deeper knowledge of her experiences and skills. While we talked, I continually referred to the documentation she had sent, including her old resume.

To create a new and professional looking resume, I referred to the Select Resumes template form, adjusting it where required to include all pertinent aspects of her roles and experiences. As she had been employed in one school but had different roles over the years, I broke these down to highlight the key responsibilities for each role. As the job she was applying for was not a teaching role, I included all previous roles, which demonstrated the skills required in this new position.

To complete the three-page cover letter, I looked carefully at the job description and criteria required and asked her about specific areas which the role specified. I then guided her through the discussion of examples which illustrated her abilities, and during the writing process included these into the letter to give the potential employer a better picture of her capabilities. Throughout the writing process, I continued to refer to the role description and company profile to ensure that I addressed all aspects of the role.

As this was a role that had come out of the blue, and the client had not long joined the school she was in, she asked advice on referees and how to address the matter. She was not keen on her current employers knowing that she was applying for the role and was concerned that if they were approached, it would jeopardise her position. Together, we came up with a solution, and we also looked at our gallery of designs to see which would be a fitting choice.