Senior Mediation Officer (AO8) – WA Department of Justice – EOI


Position: Senior Mediation Officer (AO8) – WA Department of Justice

Service type: Expression of Interest (500-600 words)

Timeframe: 2 days – consult Tuesday, deliver Wednesday

Criteria addressed using STAR format:

Your background and what you would bring to the role, including your personal attributes and knowledge of PCP, reparative and youth issues


This is the fifth time that I have assisted this client with applications within state government agencies, several of which have been successful in securing the target role (secondment and/or fixed-term). The client has been acting in a lower level of the target role for a few months and wanted to capture her achievements within the context of that role, as well as her team leadership experience from her early career.

Client feedback:

“Thanks Shelley, you are an exceptional writer!”

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