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With a background in other public service positions, as well as the private sector, this repeat client was seeking a change in career direction. A week or so before I wrote a selection criteria response for her relating to a different position.

Since the advertisement for the new position was somewhat vague, the client made enquiries and discovered that the relevant department was putting together a team for a new government program. In a two-page statement in a maximum of 1,000 words, the applicant needed to demonstrate through outlining their skills, knowledge and experience that they met six required capabilities. Applicants were expressly asked to provide examples of this. The examples were in line with the STAR model, asking for the context, the applicant’s role, what the applicant did and how they did it, and what they achieved.

Through discussion with the client, we found several examples that met the criteria. Using examples from the client’s employment experience within both the public service and private sector, I was able to deliver to the client an effective statement that addressed and answered the selection criteria.