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Engaging Select Resumes to update her resume to support her application for a new position, this client, a senior nurse, decided to have us write her response to the position’s selection criteria. Applicants needed to demonstrate, in a two-page document, five key technical and behavioural capabilities, and their knowledge and experience, within the context of the responsibilities described under 11 key accountabilities. In addition, the client asked for her domain responsibilities to be incorporated into the answers. Together we went through the responsibilities and discussed the most appropriate ways to address these.

Through working on this client’s resume, my familiarity with, and understanding of, her career history was very helpful in addressing the selection criteria. The client also provided supplementary information.

It was somewhat challenging to assimilate and condense such large amounts of information from the client’s experience, the domain responsibilities of her position, the five overarching principles adopted by the hospital’s governing body, and the 11 key accountabilities. By working through this in conjunction with the background of her first consultation discussion, preparing her updated resume, our second consultation discussion, and other information the client provided, I was able to produce a two-page document that succinctly answered what was required.

Industry: Nursing