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Highly qualified in economics and management, and multilingual with four languages, this client had been working in unrelated fields since moving to Australia several years previously. He was now seeking a public service position at APS5 level in a completely different and very specific area. He needed to address two key selection criteria for the position, at a maximum of 500 words per point.

At the time of our consultation, the client was due to complete a post-graduate qualification that was directly relevant to the advertised position. This was a major advantage for his application, however with the client having no employment experience in this particular field, we needed to establish that he was capable of fulfilling the role.

Together we worked to identify several examples from his previous employment, both in Australia and in his native country, that showed that he possesses the key skills and attributes the new role required. Using lateral thinking, we were able to utilise several examples that demonstrated his strong proficiency in, and understanding of, the processes and analysis that delivered significant effects, as required by the selection criteria.