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Program Administrator (University)

Written by Dorinnia

Having worked successfully with this client many times before, I had a real insight into her abilities, strengths and outlook. This was beneficial when writing her extended cover letter, as I was able to add details that I knew from before. The role required a two-page cover letter addressing specific criteria.

During our consultation, we discussed examples for all eight criteria. However, as there was a two-page limit, I suggested that some such as the qualifications did not need a lengthy response. The client has always been impressed with her documents through Select Resumes and therefore was happy to take my advice.

During the writing process, I took into consideration everything we had discussed as well as previous documents I had written, the result being a very clear and concise letter addressing all eight criteria and demonstrating her experiences through detailed examples where required.

I am confident that I have a written quality document and that this client will once again be successful and be called to interview.