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Written by Dorinnia

The brief for this job was to write a professional resume and cover letter. When I received all information from the client, I researched what the role required. During consultation with my client I was aware that she had a vast amount of expertise and experience which needed to be highlighted. When asked the client said she had no qualifications, however after some discussion and prompting she was able to provide me with a range of courses and training she had undertaken across her career which were relevant to the post.
This management position was within the Aviation industry and was to be undertaken from home, I therefore had to highlight my client’s ability to work autonomously and effectively, her high communication skills and her ability to set her own schedules and priorities. I also highlighted her previous Aviation experience and knowledge.
As this is a working from home position, my client was concerned that there would be a deluge of applicants, however, I am confident that I have addressed all the essential and desirable criteria and provided her with a strong application.