Medical Imaging Radiographer

The client was an experienced Medical Imaging Radiographer who had a resume written by Select Resumes years ago when he was a graduate. That resume had secured him a position, but now that his career had progressed, he was ready for a full update. Specifically, the client now had years of new experiences, skills, qualifications and a direction in which he wanted to head. The client had been adding to the resume over the years; however, it was now lengthy and inconsistent.

During the consultation, we discussed the client’s desire to showcase his skills as a Medical Imaging Radiographer in the areas of clinical education, leadership and continuous improvement. His passion for his profession came through clearly, so I wanted to ensure that this was at the heart of the resume and cover letter – a commitment to providing the best of service to his patients, continuously learning, and networking with peers to share best practice.

Breaking his skills down into clinical and leadership areas showed that he had strengths in both, and the writing around this showed that he struck a perfect balance between them. His current job was broken down into responsibilities, achievements and projects; demonstrating the diversity of his experience, and the clear way in which he continued to progress.

The client now has a clean, professional and tight resume, ready to use for future roles as an experienced Medical Imaging Radiographer. The Career Outlook section of these can be easily adapted depending on the role he applies for; and the cover letter tweaked to reflect the criteria of the organisations he applies for.

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