Graduate Paramedic Intern Statement of Claims

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Highly motivated and positive, this client with a military service background was due to complete a Bachelor of Paramedicine and was seeking an intern position. While serving in Afghanistan the client had witnessed the work of the medics and decided that when he returned to civilian life, he wanted to become a paramedic. Having worked in increasingly pertinent roles, he undertook study to become qualified to achieve this goal.

The consultation process with this client was challenging because he could only speak to me in transit between his two jobs and attending university. He provided documentation to supplement our reasonably short discussions, which was very helpful in formulating his statement of claim.

Familiar with the STAR model, this client was able to give me many excellent examples from his career history that supported answering the two capability questions effectively, with clear demonstrations of the specific technical skills and knowledge, and behavioural capabilities, sought from applicants for the position. These examples drew on his military career, and his work in other directly relevant jobs, as well as comments from his preceptor in his recent placement during his studies.

Industry: Healthcare