Director (EL2) – Corporate, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Pitch and Targeted Questions


Position: Director (EL2) – Corporate, Federal Government Agency

Service type: 1-page pitch and 5 x targeted questions (100-200 words each)

Timeframe: 3 days – consult Monday, deliver Thursday

Criteria addressed using STAR format:

  • Why you are interested in the role and subject area(s)
  • What you offer the agency
  • Your skillset
  • Relevant career history and achievements
  • Your leadership attributes
  • Key areas of expertise
  • Major achievements
  • Staff management
  • Budget management


The client’s experience is directly related to the role level although within a different federal government agency. The biggest challenge was choosing the highest impact examples that aligned with the organisational challenges of the target agency from the client’s impressive career and writing it up in a way that highlighted the immense tangible value the client could bring to this role – all on one page!

Client feedback:

“Really appreciate your effort for going an extra mile. Your work is excellent and I don’t need to review/provide any feedback or comment. Thanks, Shelley!”

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