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This client was operating his own consultancy business specialising in projects related to the Department of Defence. Seeking a resume and LinkedIn profile that would suitably capture their extensive project successes, as well as their own person brand, I worked with the client at length to identify their ‘value adds’. The client’s experience was highly technical, and extremely diverse, requiring multiple discussions in order to refine the nuances of their achievements. Throughout the course of our discussions, I recognised that the client did not have a particular intention or clear career goal in mind. As it was likely that the client would focus on Department of Defence positions, I included the language from the relevant Integrated Leadership System as relevant to each specialty that the client had outlined as a focus of their career. Thus, we created a resume document that included the broad gamut of their achievements, with a view that the client could interchange and remove information as necessary to target certain roles.

Turning my attention to the LinkedIn profile, I noted that the client already had a comprehensive profile. Through our discussions, I was able to hone in on the client’s motivation for transforming their LinkedIn, and together we developed a strategy to create an engaging “brand” that highlighted their expertise in an accessible manner. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this client. The technical nature of the client’s role dictated that to achieve a high-quality result, I had to defer to his subject matter expertise on a number of points. Leveraging this knowledge against my own experience and knowledge, I am confident that we have created a resume and LinkedIn profile that not only capture the client’s prior achievements, but showcase his capabilities going forward.

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