Update of Resume for Customer Service positions by Josie B


The client has been working for Defence Force recruitment in different customer service roles and wanted to extend her experience to a role, not necessarily with Defence Forces, where her skills would make a positive difference in a similar industry. Although there was no specific position that she was looking for, she wanted her resume to reflect her transferable skills such as managing all facets of communication and customer care and engagement activities, as well as providing high-level services creating spreadsheets and reports and updating instruction sheets to correctly reflect procedures and implement efficiencies.

To apply for potential roles, the client wanted to demonstrate her passion for working with people in a team and a proven commitment to providing superior service, specifying her dedication to continuing her career focussing on the provision of high-quality support services to facilitate the efficient and effective delivery of business operations that support exceptional service delivery.

As there were no actual vacancies the client was applying for and mindful of her long-term goal of applying for customer service positions, it was important to highlight the transferrable skills she possessed:

  • Creating spreadsheets and running reports
  • Managing incoming/outgoing mail
  • Booking client appointments
  • Minute taking
  • Managing transport, flights and accommodation
  • Answering calls and greeting visitors
  • Collating documents
  • Stationary orders

To update this resume, I engaged the client in a discussion about additional positions occupied, key responsibilities for each additional position and transferable skills and experience. To further highlight her skills, I included key achievements for her last few positions and ensured that she provided me with a clear Situation, Task, Action and Result for each example to enable me to put together each achievement using the STAR model. As she was not applying for a specific position, including key achievements would assist her in demonstrating her transferrable skills with an actual event that she actioned and resolved with a good outcome.

By thoroughly preparing for the consultation by familiarising myself with the client’s employment history and knowing that she was not applying for a specific position, I was able to guide the client during the consultation, thereby ensuring that she provided key achievement examples clearly demonstrating that she was well suited to all high performing customer service roles.

As a result, I am confident that the resume will present the client as a strong applicant for customer service roles. We have assisted her considerably to increase the likelihood that she will be able to confidently apply for appropriate jobs and be shortlisted and called in for an interview.

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