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This client is a highly experienced onshore/offshore Mechanical Fitter in the oil and gas industry, who has also amassed considerable experience working in the mining sector, predominantly in underground mines as an earth-moving operator and driller.

With two highly specific skill sets, he felt his existing resume was too diluted and had, over the years, attempted to create several bespoke resumes that highlighted one or other of his skills. This had, over time, become unfocused and messy in execution.

He engaged our services to create two distinct documents, with separate designs to clearly promote his specialised skills in these two distinct areas.

The key areas he wanted to address were;

  • Clarity of message for each of the industry types
  • To ensure that that in each case the secondary skill sets were mentioned but not focussed upon
  • Easily updatable with his professional development in terms of new or renewed licences, tickets and certificates

The client also wanted us to update his LinkedIn account. This, of course, meant merging the two skill sets, but we did this in a way that clearly highlighted both his skills, without diluting the uniqueness of his offering.

The challenge in this particular job was unraveling nine different resumes written over a period of years, sometimes with conflicting information. The client has had a storied career working manly on contracts and had amassed over 30 roles in an almost 30-year career.

The first task was to separate all the information, de-duplicate the information and create a full and accurate timeline.

After this, there were various tickets and licences. Many of these had been renewed over the years or had slightly different names, and so we had to be meticulous in ensuring there was no repetition and that we had the very latest information on the new documents.

Once the new resumes were written, we then selected two eye-catching and completely unique design templates for complement the documents.

Industry: Mining, Oil & Gas