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The client was a Registered Nurse with two years of experience post-graduation, and had completed a graduate year and subsequent employment in a surgical rehabilitation facility. With a focus on developing her career in the direction of acute care, she had decided to pursue opportunities in acute and emergency care. The application required a two page cover letter addressing a range of selection criteria.

The criteria included some essential attributes and the consultation centred around obtaining relevant examples that related to emergency nursing. As the client had experience in rural and remote nursing, she had a selection of examples that were useful in providing responses. Other items of the cover letter covered a range of general nursing skills such as time management, organisation, communication and knowledge of quality assurance and the state health system.

The cover letter that resulted was a document that covered all essential and a range of desirable criteria. For items where the client had little of no exposure, a willingness to learn was stated, as well as a show of evidence of drive and motivation to succeed in the role.

Written by Mark R.


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