Tailored cover letter for a Registered Nurse – Intensive Care Services

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The client has excellent experience in rural and remote Emergency Departments and is seeking to extend their experience by working in the Intensive Care environment. The role of Registered Nurse – Intensive Care Services that she was applying for  involved strong clinical skills in acute care scenarios, the ability to work well in a team nursing environment, and compassionate and empathetic relationship management skills. Additionally, the ability to work according to the organisation’s core values, including extensive experience with Indigenous health. To apply for this role, the client was required to provide a one-page cover letter to register their interest in joining the talent pool for the health service.

Having previously worked closely with this client, I reviewed current documents such as their resume and previous selection criteria. I  consulted with the client to determine what skills we would focus on and add  to satisfy the requirements of the new application.  As well as this, I thoroughly read the position description to determine what key skills and attributes required focus. Due to the tailored nature of the cover letter and alignment with the health services core values and vision, I am confident that the cover letter will engage the hiring manage sufficiently to increase the likelihood of being shortlisted and securing an interview.

Written by Mark R.