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As a Bachelor of Nursing Student, the client aimed to enter a Registered Nurse Graduate program to improve further his skills and experience within the hospital sector. He had an extensive background in providing training and support within the work health and safety environment, in addition to seven years with the Fire Brigade overseas.

During the consultation, we discussed the necessity to place the emphasis on his clinical placements, whilst not neglecting the transferable skills and experience he acquired throughout his career. Indeed, he demonstrated his ability to communicate efficiently, as well as to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment, amongst other relevant talents. Finally, the client shared his five placements summaries, from which I was able to extract powerful feedback to create a stand-out document.

Confident that the documents submitted will catch the attention from recruiters and will make them want to meet our client, I am looking forward to hearing about his successful nursing career ahead.

Industry: Nursing

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