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The client is an experienced Station Duty Manager Level 1 for Sydney Trains and was seeking higher duties and a promotion to a Level 4 position. Currently acting in the role, they had an extensive work history with Sydney Trains. The requirement of the position was a resume, two-page cover letter, and a response to three targeted questions.

The client’s resume was complete but required a rewrite to remove older information and highlight their current experience in the role, as well as formatting to show a complete history of employment at a glance. A addition of a clean professional design was an important aspect to enhance the readability for any hiring manager. The cover letter requested was longer than a standard one-page letter and I worked with the client to obtain information that addressed the core responsibilities of the role, as well as highlight some significant competencies and achievements  in relation to emergency management, process enhancement and and productivity improvement.

For the three targeted questions, the client had draft examples in STAR format and I worked with him to enhance and improve these before writing each response, ensuring that sufficient detail was included to cover all aspects of the questions. I collaborated with the client throughout the process to decide which attributes and behaviours were most important for his application, including organisational specific terminology. Feedback on the completed piece was positive and all elements will be adaptable for other applications within the organisation.

The completed product was one that could be used not only in applying for the client’s re-advertised role but for similar positions within the support industry due to a professional design and revised and relevant attributes and achievements.

Written by Mark

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