Statement and Resume Updates for Public Service Role

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This was a repeat client with whom I had worked with approximately three years prior. Having been successful with the last application I had assisted her with, she was eager to work with me again so I could assist her with applying for an internal role.

During the time she had worked at this organisation, the client had developed high levels of proficiency in her work area and was eager to undertake a new challenge. For this particular role, we were restricted to a two-page statement, addressing each of the following areas;

  • Supports strategic direction
    • Understands and supports the organisation’s vision, mission and business objectives.
    • Understands the work environment and contributes to the development of plans, strategies and team goals.
    • Thinks laterally and identifies and implements improved work practices.
  • Achieves results
    • Makes effective use of individual and team capabilities.
    • Shares information with others and adapts to a changing environment.
    • Commits to achieving quality outcomes and adheres to documentation procedures.
  • Supports productive working relationships
    • Builds and sustains positive relationships with team members, stakeholders and clients.
    • Works collaboratively and operates as an effective team member.
    • Identifies learning opportunities.
  • Displays personal drive and integrity
    • Adopts a principled approach and adheres to public service values and Code of Conduct.
    • Provides accurate advice on issues.
    • Commits energy and drive to see that goals are achieved.
  • Communicates with influence
    • Confidently presents messages in a clear, concise manner.
    • Structures written and oral communication to ensure clarity.
    • Listens to and considers different ideas and discusses issues credibly and thoughtfully.


It was noted that each of the sub-points did not have to be addressed individually. However, some phrases were in italics, so we ensured these were included in our focus to facilitate a strong response.

During our consultation, the client and I discussed relevant examples from her current role to demonstrate her familiarity with the organisation. As she did not possess recent experience in some of the areas, we utilised her prior experience from management-level roles.

As I had worked with this client before, I was aware of her strengths and ensured to highlighted these in her application. In addition to the statement, I also updated her resume, which had been previously completed by Select Resumes, to ensure it included her current work experience and reflected her updated skill set.