Social Worker

The client was a qualified social worker applying for a role within her own organisation. She required four criteria, including:

  • Demonstrated ability to independently problem-solve and apply professional and ethical boundaries when working with complex situations as part of a multi-disciplinary team in an acute health setting.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead planning and evaluation of team activities.
  • Demonstrated experience working with paediatric patients and carers, providing complex psychosocial intervention, case management and advocacy within an acute health care setting
  • Demonstrated experience working with patients and carers living with life-limiting chronic illness or disability, or experience working in critical care or working with bereavement and grief

The client had previously written her own examples for other jobs, which lacked a little in terms of actual specific examples. During the consultation, we discussed specific scenarios with a clear situation, actions and outcome approach. Although clients at first feel like they don’t know how to respond to a question, once they are prompted, all these great examples come forth, with clear processes and outcomes.

One of the responses required leadership responsibilities, and the client did not feel she had had sufficient opportunity in her role yet to demonstrate her skills in this area. For this, I was able to easily draw on her previous career history, where she had worked in leadership and presenting roles, and show how these skills were easily able to be transferred across into her profession as a social worker.

For each point, I drew keywords and requirements from the job description and showcased her ability to demonstrate adherence to these within the responses.

Overall, the client demonstrated strong skills in each criterion. Once these are showcased in the correct format, she will likely secure an interview – and with such a lovely, engaging manner, she will confidently be able to easily sell herself in an interview.


Industry: Social Worker

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