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The client was an experienced Registered Nurse with significant leadership experience across several clinical settings. The position being applied for was a Registered Nurse role without leadership responsibilities, creating a situation where clinical skills and care capabilities were to be showcased while minimising the focus on high-level management.

The client’s resume required a comprehensive re-write to integrate core clinical skills and focus the reader on those qualities which addressed the key selection criteria. Key achievements were also integrated to the resume and woven through the accompanying selection criteria, where specific examples showcased qualities such as communication, contribution to the development of others, use of evidence-based practice and advanced clinical skills and knowledge.

The consultation process focused initially on the resume to define key achievements and discuss the transition from leadership into hands-on nursing. The client was provided with support to consider examples to demonstrate key aspects of the selection criteria before a second consultation took place to discuss and refine the information into comprehensive demonstrations of a high-quality nursing skill set.

The writing strategy centered on demonstrated core nursing capabilities with a focus on quality nursing care, contributions to the multidisciplinary team and person-centered, evidence-based practice. The resume can be rapidly adapted to apply for other positions, while the selection criteria is well-aligned to the specific role with relevant examples and supporting information.

Written by Rebecca R