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My client had experienced a significant career in the sports industry within Australia and was at the stage in their career where they wanted to combine their expertise with newly attained qualifications to contribute to governance activities. With diverse experience at the executive level, they were more than qualified for the role, and the application for this role involved responses to three distanced criteria. This included outlining how their personal attributes and experience would benefit the organisation, as well as any relevant key achievements that would prove their capacity to undertake the role.

To elicit the necessary information and details, I first spent time familiarising myself with the position description, so I was prepared with the right questions to ask the client. Being able to guide the client in the type of information needed ensured that I was provided with quality information that I used to align with the requirements of the role.

With a maximum word limit of 300 words, the content was a challenge, but I ensured to keep examples succinct and used as many keywords as possible to align with the new role. The resulting responses are strong and clearly demonstrate the client’s capacity to perform.