Selection Criteria for a Council Ranger

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The client had a broad range of experience both across various animal husbandry positions and in customer service roles. The application required demonstration of an ability to adhere to legislation, the capacity to deliver advice and support to members of the public in managing bio-security matters, and the skills needed to manage tasks within the impounding facilities.

During the consultation, we established the transferable capabilities that could be showcased from previous positions. The application structure was two professional examples aligned to the responsibilities of the position. To ensure all responsibilities were incorporated, we grouped the responsibilities so that two well-rounded and high-quality examples could be constructed. The client was coached to consider experiences from previous positions which met the brief, and with support, was able to supply two suitable scenarios.

The final product was within the two-page limit, showcasing the client’s skills and experience from employment with supporting information incorporating relevant qualifications and soft skills which can be readily transferred to the Ranger role.