Resume Update and Corporate Bio for HSEC Manager

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This professional client had had a resume and cover letter written by Select Resumes approximately four years prior and had since founded his own company and worked on numerous projects in WA and internationally. He wanted to have his resume updated to reflect a specialised skill set that had been greatly developed, a fresh new cover letter and also a corporate bio that could be used within large mining companies. The client had guaranteed work for another two months and was preparing for new opportunities.

I prepared for the consultation by reading the updates the client had made to his resume, researching the technical terminology used, and how his consultative role would benefit an organisation. During the consultation, we discussed the company he had founded, and the role he played in several key mining industry projects. His role was complex, with a widespread effect involving health, safety, environment and community. The client wanted to convey the importance and complexity of his role, the coaching methodologies he used, and how his success was measured – and link these to his operational experience and knowledge, his leadership and mentoring skills, and the importance of cultural awareness.

The resume was a detailed description of his experience, skills, roles and the projects he worked on, updated to complement the style of his previous resume. The corporate bio created is a snapshot of his career and achievements and the importance of leadership coaching within an organisation. It demonstrates how the client can benefit any organisation or project as an employee or consultant. The client will be able to use this bio when working for large internal organisations. It can be presented to external stakeholders as a marketing tool, securing him positions on projects in Australia and overseas, without disclosing his personal information.