Resume, Cover Letter and Two-Page Statement for a Registered Nurse

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The client was a Registered Nurse who was seeking employment after a move within the region and required a general resume, as well as a cover letter and two-page statement to support their application to multiple roles. As an experienced Registered Nurse, the client had two years of experience post-graduation and had application skills sets to a variety of job applications. The additional requirement was a two-page statement addressing a number of important elements.

During the consultation, I collaborated with the client to determine key strengths and areas of focus , as well as additional items such as clinical skill areas and professional development. For the statement, the focus was on providing evidence via examples, educational experiences and areas where leadership and collaboration were displayed.

The finalised product is a very visually appealing and highly readable resume that works to sell the clients skill set as a Nurse. While not specifically tailored to a particular role, the resume has scope to focus the writing with a few minor changes in layout. The statement covers all the criteria for employment within QLD Health and can be modified and tailored to suit other roles.

Written by Mark R.