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Recently, I worked with a client who wanted to move from operating his own driving training business and into accountancy work for a larger company. It had been years since the client had required a resume or cover letter, and he was unsure of how to reflect his skills without highlighting just how long it had been since he had worked in strictly financial focused roles.

Working with the client to understand the duties of his sole trader business, I could see that many of the skills were transferable. He would need to work with clients effectively and to be able to communicate complex information in ways tailored to each client’s needs. He managed the finances of his own business, undertaking a range of financial tasks that showed his skills in financial management. Though it had been almost a decade since his last role within the financial industry, he had retained enough transferable skills to demonstrate his ability.

To develop a compelling and meaningful cover letter, we spoke at length about the most important information he would like an employer to know about himself. This can often be difficult to narrow down, as we would like the reader to know everything as quickly as possible. But by narrowing it down to a few incredibly essential details, and weaving through details that are important, but not as vital, we were able to prepare the basis of an engaging, dynamic cover letter.

By showcasing transferable skills and experiences relevant to the role information provided, I hope that potential employers will see just how much value he could add to their team.

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