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Needing a resume and cover letter due to an impending relocation, the client advised that the health service in the new location did not have a service offering mirroring her current work experience. As such, the goal was to create a document that showcased her broad clinical experience, outlined her motivations, and demonstrated to a potential employer the value she could add to their team.


The consultation process incorporated a discussion of her experience as both a Nurse and an Ambulance Community Officer. We sought to establish a comprehensive account of her transferable skills while showcasing strong achievements and a passion for nursing within the community. Further, the client requested her community volunteer work and other contributions to be demonstrated on the resume due to the impact of these involvements within regional communities. It was agreed that the cover letter would allow adaptation to be used to apply to any role.


The final document presented the client as an experienced, flexible and passionate nurse with the ability to adapt her practice to any setting. Her clinical interest was shown to be within the community care space.