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The brief for the position was to write a resume and cover letter for a self-employed and experienced IT Manager and Consultant. The current resume suffered from a lack of focus and was not representative of the client’s skill and experience. With extensive experience running their own business, the client wanted to increase their scope and work with larger teams as a software and/or solution sales consultant or digital project manager.

During the consultation, we discussed their current responsibilities and how to increase the focus onto elements such as stakeholder engagement, consulting and sales. For the cover letter, all relevant experience, as well as career outlook, was included with highlighting of the skills required to perform well in roles with a larger scope. As there was no specified position the letter was left general for the client to apply to multiple roles with minimal editing.

Although the client is currently working within the IT sector in SME environments, the resume displays a range of transferrable skills and benefits from a rewrite to facilitate applications to roles with access to larger environments.

Written by Mark R.