Resume and Cover Letter for a Graduate Registered Nurse – Gold Coast

The client is an Enrolled Nurse who is now approaching completion of her Bachelor of Nursing and required a revised resume and cover letter to apply for upcoming graduate programs with Queensland Health. The resume had not been updated since the client started work as an Enrolled Nurse and had an extensive list of previous and unrelated work history.

During the consultation, we discussed her current role to develop a competency list as well as what key strengths she could bring as a graduate Registered Nurse. As the client had been working since 2015 in nursing it was decided to remove the older work history to ensure conciseness and maintain focus on their nursing career. For the cover letter, the client required the adding of a few points such as organisational values and some knowledge of excellence programs within the hospital.

The resulting document is a focused and up to date reflection of her current employment and the cover letter effectively outlines the client’s goals and objectives for the future.

Written By Mark R.