Resume and Cover Letter for a experienced IT Manager

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The brief from the client was to provide a rewritten and and more focused resume that was more in alignment with their position as an IT Manager for a large organisation. With a background in systems management, the client had moved on to leadership and management roles and the current resume did not reflect this capability.

During the consultation, we discussed various options to emphasise key strengths and areas of focus as well as discuss strategies for layout and design. Much of the resume was focused on earlier roles and for the latest roles had a significant amount of detail that impacted the readability. As the client’s previous roles in support included technologies and duties they no longer performed, they were able to be condensed allowing more space to concentrate on his current role and achievements.

The finalised product is a more readable and consistent resume allowing the client’s skills in IT leadership to be front and centre whilst still allowing their technical background to be recognised. The cover letter is a general letter allowing modification to suit a number of roles.

Written by Mark R.