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Case Study – Registered Nurse Resume by Dorinnia

The client has been working in a number of hospitals and residential settings during and after completing her Nursing degree. She is hoping to acquire a position within a hospital setting. The role she is applying for requires leadership skills and the ability to work autonomously and within a team. Having read her most recent resume before consultation I was able to get an idea of her experiences. I also researched the role she was applying for, highlighting the specific skills and attributes they were looking for.

In consultation, I began by asking the client what words she would use to best describe herself, providing some examples that I had thought of when reading her current resume. Then, I asked her to tell me in a few sentences, about her experiences, her goals and her strengths. Following through using the Select Resume template, I was able then to ascertain specific details required and we talked about responsibilities and achievements for each relevant position.

On writing the resume, I cross-referenced the client’s old resume with the notes I had taken, and the role being applied for. Thus, I was able to ensure that all keywords and specifics for the job were addressed and that all aspects of the client’s transferable skills, as well as her knowledge and abilities, were highlighted accordingly.

As a result of thoroughly preparing for the consultation by familiarising myself with the hospital and the job description, I am confident that the client presents as a strong applicant for this role and that we have assisted her considerably to increase the likelihood that she will be called in for an interview.

Written by Dorinnia

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