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Case Study – Registered Nurse Two-Page Cover Letter by Dorinnia

The client has been working in several hospitals and residential settings during and after completing her Nursing degree. She is hoping to acquire a position within a hospital setting. The role she is applying for requires her ability to prove she can meet a number of criteria. These were to be addressed in a two-page cover letter and were to reflect the following areas:

  • Professional excellence: A culture of professional excellence means our staff practice both autonomously and within a team to their full scope and potential. Staff are governed by best practice, codes of ethics and professional standards. All staff have the knowledge and skills required to meet our communities needs and have the opportunity to specialise in areas of advanced practice.
  • Leadership: Leadership is transformational in nature. We work together to create expectations and a shared vision, guide change and role model positive performance; providing strength and support in times of difficulty and celebrating success when goals are achieved.
  • Collaborative practice: Staff work together in partnership with our community and each other across all fields of practice and all campuses of Gold Coast Health. We actively listen, talk, teach and share decision making in reaching for the best outcomes. Relationships underpinned by respect and compassion provide the foundation for practice.
  • Shared governance: We commit to a model that promotes a sense of shared power, accountability and ownership of our workplace and outcomes. At Gold Coast Health every voice is considered important. Our community and staff are encouraged to be involved in decision-making at all levels in the organisation to promote engagement and positive governance.
  • Promoting a healthy environment: Our core goal at heart is ensuring exceptional patient outcomes and satisfaction with the care our community receives. A healthy environment also refers to how we emotionally support and care for each other and physically create an environment that enables and promotes health for all.
  • Development and recognition: We recognise and reward our staff and community for their great work and contribution to our service. We create opportunities for staff to develop professionally and personally in their careers. Development and recognition enables us to feel respected and valued with a sense of belonging that inspires pride in ourselves and our health services.
  • A culture of learning and innovation: Our community is a source of invaluable knowledge and we learn from them daily. We are encouraged to be inquisitive, to discover, to learn from each other and to lead the way in ensuring our patients receive world class care.  Our work is theoretically underpinned, we utilise evidence-based best practice and strive for excellence by pushing the boundaries to explore new knowledge and innovation with research opportunities.

Before the consultation, I had advised the client that I would be using the STAR model of writing, addressing each aspect through the use of specific examples so that she would have a few ideas in mind when we chatted. This meant that during consultation we were able to go through each heading and agree upon a fitting example, ascertaining the Situation, Task, Actions and Result for each. As there were seven headings to be addressed and a limit of two pages, we agreed that a short paragraph for each would suffice.

During the writing process, I continually cross-referenced the job description with the Professional Practice Model Domains and the Values as stated on the hospital website. This ensured that I included all keywords and wrote the reply in accordance with what the position entailed.

As a result of thoroughly preparing for the consultation by familiarising myself with the hospital and the job description, I was able to guide the client during the consultation, ensuring the examples she gave demonstrated how well suited she was to the role. During the consultation, the client had expressed concern about her previous lack of success in being called for an interview. However, I am confident that she now presents as a strong applicant for this role and I feel that we have assisted her considerably to increase the likelihood that she will be called in for an interview.

Written by Dorinnia