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The client had a strong background in production, in both supervisory and operating roles. His resume was outdated and lacked detail, and he needed a fresh new look for some positions he was interested in. His background was interesting, as he was also a qualified builder, and interested in several roles – production, infrastructure projects and training/assessing.

The resume needed to be versatile so that he could send an application off to several different industry employers, but without sounding too vague and generic. During our consultation, we fleshed out his experience, as well as the skills he wanted to focus on.

When writing the resume, I broke his skills down into different areas – Mining Industry Knowledge, Operating Skills, Building and Construction, and Personal Attributes, so that individual recruiters could easily find what they were searching for. I incorporated his leadership, training, planning, organisational and project coordination skills within these categories, and wrote a professional profile that outlined his versatility and key strengths.

The client has a highly versatile application that showcases all of his skills and shows how transferable they are within any industry.  His diverse experience shows clearly that he can easily adapt to any new work environment, team dynamic, processes and equipment.