Process Operator to Become Drilling Assistant

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Seeking a move into the mining industry, specifically into drilling operations, this client needed his transferable abilities skillfully presented to catch the eye of the recruiters. With some highly relevant work experience and other work less applicable to his desired role, we discussed the drilling role requirements and which of his skills matched well to the criteria. Being unfamiliar with one of his previous roles, I sought extensive information to fully understand his accountabilities. By addressing each role requirement of the drilling job he is aspiring to, I ensured he presents as a solid applicant for the role.

In the client’s resume, I focused on his key skills attributable to the role he is applying for. Some previous jobs were highlighted with greater detail and others understated. His cover letter verified his attributes that are required in remote drilling operations such as safety, physical fitness, organisation, resilience and focus in challenging environments.

I feel confident that his resume and application letter showcases his existing abilities as well as his drive to be successful in this new career.

Written by Katherine C.