Outreach Officer – Department of Home Affairs, Cyber Security – Applicant Statement


The brief for the position was to write a one-page applicant statement for an Outreach Officer within the Cyber Security Division of the Department of Home Affairs.  The client was an experienced APS Community Engagement Officer within Services Australia looking to make the transition into a new government department. The Position Description listed four criterion points to address, including:

  • High level of subject matter knowledge relating to cyber, data or critical technology or a demonstrated ability to pick up new concepts quickly
  • Experience with, and understanding of, Federal and/or State government policy development and implementation, or a demonstrated ability to pick up new concepts quickly
  • Strong stakeholder liaison skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

The client wanted assistance in linking the requirements of the role with their extensive experience in community-oriented APS roles and theoretical knowledge of cyber security from his tertiary education. While I was preparing for the consultation, I noted some high-level feedback on his resume to make it more straightforward and closely aligned with his desired role.

During the consultation, I provided the feedback on his resume that I’d noted.  We discussed some of his previous work and what he was learning at university.  With only one page to respond to four criteria, we need to ensure that we selected the strongest examples to demonstrate his capability and fit for the advertised role.  Although the client was not currently in a cyber security role, by showing his strong technical knowledge and capability to quickly pick up new concepts,  there was enough experience to increase his chances of moving into the merit pool for the advertised role.

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