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The client is about to be made redundant from a position at a not-for-profit organisation committed to improving the health of North Coast communities through quality primary healthcare. My client had been applying for roles involving engagement with stakeholders. Her resume was to highlight her skills in educative engagement, support and coordinating informative and educational events. Subsequently, her resume and cover letter needed to strongly highlight the following qualities:

  • Customer engagement and event coordination – her two key strengths. Her background was in tertiary and adult education, as well as leading scientific study groups
  • Ability to conflate experience of educating students and adults with her current role in support services
  • Ability to unpack and disseminate complex information in way that is clear, concise and engaging
  • Ability to lead teams by example and encouragement
  • Committed to principles of Catholic teaching and care
  • Ability to organise events from inception to completion

I was pre-notified that the client was sceptical of the process and so during the consult, the client was at first quite hesitant to enter into meaningful dialogue. However,  as the conversation continued, she entered into the spirit and began to explain about other interesting facets of her career that were both congruent and useful, such as her abilities in conflict de-escalation. Her contract is coming to an end in June and she is looking for a similar role. Having researched both the position she was interested in and her employment history before the consult, I was able to speak with authority with her. Furthermore, I was able to establish a consistent through-line between her seemingly disparate work history in order to present a credible progressive work history that supported her career outlook.

Written by Steve S.

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