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The client required a new resume, as he had been working out of his preferred profession over the past few years, and was finding it difficult to break back into his field. His previous two roles were within a different industry, and new employers were overlooking him. The client wanted assistance in presenting his skills and experience as highly transferable and valuable.

The client provided a significant amount of highly technical information before the consultation. During our call, we discussed his interests and preferences and how his skills and experience could be portrayed to attract employers. For this, I highlighted his previous experience on key mining projects, in both his cover letter and resume – showcasing this information in his profile and opening paragraph so that that prospective employers would see those keywords first.

It is hoped that by showing his previous exposure to these large projects, there is enough experience to move him straight into consideration for upcoming roles. It was necessary also to point out how valuable his expertise has been on his current role, even though this has been in the telecommunications industry. He has gained a broad range of skills that can efficiently be utilised in any industry.

In completing the resume and cover letter, it was necessary to read through a lot of technical information and remove any jargon, acronyms and unnecessary wording that were company-specific, to produce a sharp, concise and versatile document.

Industry: Mining, Technical