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This client is an experienced Mining Engineer looking to target a more senior role. His unique selling proposition is that he has successfully worked in environments across a range of mining commodities from coal and gold to iron ore. This is quite exceptional to have mastered design, planning and scheduling skills across open-cut projects with significantly unique requirements.

He also wanted to highlight his leadership and management skills, which have enabled him to quickly embed into these diverse environments and to gain the trust and respect of co-workers. Also, the varied software packages needed to design, plan and schedule mine sites have been quickly learned and mastered.

His existing resume also needs to show his upward progression from Graduate Mining Engineer to Senior Mining Engineer in a logical and natural arc. This was achieved by tightening up his prior positions, adding some linking information to each role to underline his progression and deleting older, superfluous material.

The resulting document highlights his strengths, unique selling proposition, prior experience and his diverse environment skills.

The client will be changing is design in the future, but wished to persevere for the time being with his existing template as it has been successful in helping him gain his last three positions.

Industry: Engineer, Mining