Manufacturing worker seeks mining role

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This client has been working in the manufacturing industry for nine years and is looking to move into the mining/resources sector. He is intending on applying for various roles across the industry, so requires a cover letter that would work for contractors, owner-operators, different commodities, as well as process operation and equipment operation roles. I chatted with the client about his day-to-day activities in his current role to understand his experiences, and how they could be applied successfully in the other roles that he would be targeting. Drawing on his skills in heavy equipment operation, positive safety behaviours and mechanical aptitude, I demonstrated how these skills are transferable to any industry and crew. I explained to the client why I would be focusing on this, and how this will present him as a favourable light, given his does not possess direct experience in the mining industry, which is often ‘desirable’, even for entry-level resources industry roles.

In his resume, I also lighted the loyalty he has shown to his current employer and his progression within the organisation, thus demonstrating his commitment to his own personal career development and dedication to providing a meaningful contribution to his employer. Together, his resume and his cover letter portray his technical and practical skill set, as well as showcases his positive personal attributes that would benefit any employer.

Written by Katherine Clarke