Maintenance Plumber Resume Update

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This client was a highly experienced Plumber, whose resume was outdated and lacked detail. He required a fresh look for his new resume, that showcased his diversity in his trade, as well as a wide range of valuable skills he had gained in other labouring work.

During the consultation, we went through his skill set to work out which areas he wanted to focus on going forward. As he was interested in gaining a role in maintenance plumbing, it was important to link his own personal skill set to this type of role – such as working well under pressure, communicating with other tradespeople, working well in a team, and being able to ensure that his work always met budget, schedule and customer expectations.

With the limited information given from his previous resume, I researched the companies he had worked for previously, in order to gain an understanding of their services and goals, and was able to weave these into his new resume.

The client will now have a sharply detailed resume that outlines not only his diverse practical trade skills but also some valuable personal attributes that show his versatility, work ethic and ability to adapt.

Industry: Plumber, Plumbing, Trades