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The client is an experienced Case Management Officer specialising in Indigenous remote community support. A regulatory change and business reorganisation resulting in a change of providers meant that this client had a need to reapply for her position. The client had extensive experience as an Enrolled Nurse and had now moved on to case management and employment facilitation. Highly passionate about “closing the gap” and making a difference in people’s lives, her resume required updating and refocusing to highlight her current skills and experience to a potential employer.

The client’s resume had not been updated for over two years, so they required a complete rewrite. This involved condensing to remove some less relevant skills and allow more space to highlight her current achievements. As the community development program was changing support providers, it was likely that the client was going to apply for either the same role with a different organisation. The strategy I used was to ensure that plenty of relevant achievements were noted, as well as highlighting relationship building and ensuring her collaborative attributes were present. The completed product was one that could be used not only in applying for the client’s re-advertised role but for similar positions within the support industry due to a professional design and revised and relevant attributes and achievements.