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The client required a new resume to apply for some specialised positions. His current resume was a mix of cut-and-pasted job descriptions and bullet points and did not flow. Prior to the consultation, he sent through two advertisements for roles he was interested in applying for.

During the consultation, we updated all of the information and fleshed out the bullet points that did not give much context. He advised on which points he wanted to highlight in his resume and cover letter so that he would be a strong match for the roles he was applying for.

The candidate had excellent technical abilities and experience, and by sharpening up his key skills section, I was able to provide a reader-friendly list of technical and personal skills that would catch the eye of the recruiters. The roles he was applying for had quite specific technical requirements, so these were highlighted in both his professional profile and key skills section, and then explained within the responsibilities for each role.

I researched each of the projects he had worked on and provided a brief description of it, as well as his involvement (commissioning, construction, installation, etc.). It was also important to point out the different industries he had worked within and convey how his skills were transferable and how he could easily adapt to new work environments and objectives.

The client now has a professional document that reflects his suitability for upcoming roles and enables him to confidently apply, knowing that his skills are featured prominently.