HR Truck Driver / Delivery Driver


The client was interested in applying for a role as a delivery driver with a renowned food services organisation, having been told that they were seeking drivers.

During the consultation, we discussed his previous work experience history and how we could match his skills to suit the role. Having worked in airports for an extensive period of time, his skill set was strongly suited to the role – in terms of loading/unloading, transporting baggage and freight, completing checks and documentation, and ensuring all customers received their desired outcome by using accuracy and attention to detail. He had also worked as a delivery driver in a different industry, and again, many of these skills matched the role he was applying for – managing efficient routes for timely delivery, ensuring customers received their desired products in terms of weight/size/quantity/quality and providing excellent customer service.

For roles in warehousing, freight and logistics, it was important to consistently refer to his commitment to and awareness of occupational health and safety and his ability to quickly adapt to new machinery and equipment.

The client had never had a professional resume, having relied on word of mouth and trials to obtain his previous roles. He now owns a versatile resume that showcases his highly suitable skill set and his eagerness to continually learn and progress in a new industry.

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